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The art of piercing

If you're considering getting your ears pierced, times have most definitely changed. There is a growing trend for bespoke piercings that are designed to give you your own individual look. We asked Abby Summerville, owner of independent earring brand Helix & Conch, to tell us what it's all about.

Abby and her 'curated ear'

Most of us got our ears pierced decades ago at a hair salon or similar with the frightening looking piercing gun. That was one, maybe two holes in each year. The new trend over recent years is a ‘curated ear’ (search the hashtag on Instagram) which is piercings, but on steroids, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

My advice is to find a recommended piercer and have a consultation with them before you do anything else. I realised quite quickly that the more free rein you give them, the better the outcome, they just have a great eye for it and love the chance to be creative.

Designing your own 'curated ear' is all about careful choices of placement - symmetry is a big fat no! Something I have seen more recently and love the idea of (and truthfully, wish I had known before getting my piercings) is styling your piercings around your birth sign. You can cleverly map the piercings into your constellation sign.

Adorning the ears once they’ve healed is the fun part! If you’ve gone to Maria Tash - a luxury jewellery brand - for your piercing, then I’m assuming you have invested in some heavy artillery with diamonds. So in that instance you might not plan to change them very often. However for me, it was all about being able to change colour, metals and designs as often as I want!

Huggie hoops are the staple, these are much smaller hoops than normal, that do what they say and hug the lobe. They look great in the helix too. Pop in some cute little studs or threaders to add some interest to the look and have different focal points and if like me you are a bit nervous about getting a conch piercing, then there are some incredible cuffs that fake it beautifully!

I’m not a piercer, but having spoken to several, I just want to say very loudly on piercers' behalves - please always get pierced with a needle, not a gun!

Below is a diagram with some of the more common piercing options, what’s next on your list?


About Helix & Conch

Helix and Conch was born in 2019.  Their mission is to bring you a beautiful range of earrings -  huggies, studs, cuffs and more at a price that you can afford. Why shouldn’t you be able to chop and change your ear adornments as often as you change your top? 

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