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Highlighter Hues

Just because it's Autumn it doesn't mean you need to relegate bright colours to the back of the wardrobe. We asked our Editor Val, for her take on how to bring some colour to a grey Autumn day.


Greetings fashionistas! Are you ready for a new style challenge? Today I’m here to inspire you to brighten up your wardrobe. Literally! This past Spring season saw a slew of uber bright clothing and accessories that kept the warmer months exciting! But now that we’re in Autumn should we stop letting extreme colour lift our mood?

I for one am not ready to say goodbye to highlighter hues. A pop of colour is not a new idea in terms of fashion, no. But wearing head to toe neon pink with abandon is not something you see everyday! It inspires a “take charge” attitude and conveys hyper femininity. Both of which I welcomed whole heartedly in this photo shoot with local #MiltonKeynes photographer @snappedbystephanie. (Give her a follow on Instagram - I cannot recommend her enough in terms of professionalism, comfortability when shooting and stellar images as a result).

Whichever neon shade you choose to rock, rest easy! It’s only fashion. Anchoring the look with neutrals is always a good idea to tone things down a notch. Nude or clear sandals work well here as well as a natural, basket woven bag. I’ll be getting as much as I can out of this bag until the temperatures significantly cool down.

To make this girly River Island dress and sunglasses combo more Autumn friendly it will be easy to toughen up the look by adding a classic black leather biker jacket, studded booties and a cross body handbag. A bold dress like this would also be surprising under a long black coat.

What neon shade are you looking to style up this season? Would bold lime strike your fancy? A punchy lemon yellow? Tell us on social media at @Luxe3C! Don't be shy this season. Lockdown should bring out the wild side in all of us, if only in our way of dressing.

Join the discussion and get to know myself and the other #Luxe3C Editors @gingermumstyle and @wardrobeedituk! We love meeting fashion conscious folks who share the same exuberance for shopping.


Valerie “SoCalVal” Wyndham is an American TV presenter and influencer with a background in modelling and announcing for pro wrestling.

With a career that involves international travel she now calls Milton Keynes home.

In addition to sharing her fashion, beauty and travel influencing to a loyal fanbase via her website and social media accounts, she is one of the hosts of a weekly video series: “Grown Ass Women” TV which focuses on female empowerment. 

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