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Summer Beauty Essentials

With the weather changing and the sun now shining we asked Luxe3C's Val for a rundown of her favourite summer beauty products. As a busy TV presenter and model she's regularly outside in the strong sunlight - and needs beauty items that are going to work hard and stay on all day! Here she shares a range of gorgeous essentials, to ensure you can protect your skin and get that ultimate summer glow.


Summer is finally here! A bit delayed, yes, but now that sunny weather has found it's way to the UK it's time to think about what beauty products are best suited to the season. It's a pleasure to share some of my faves with you that I genuinely love using this time of year.

Let's start with mandatory SPF! I found a super affordable sunscreen spray from Asda that is dermatologically tested, provides SPF 30 and that dries clear without leaving residue. A bargain at under £3! Once this has been applied I like to add a layer of shimmer to my shoulders, collarbones and along the tops of my legs. Flirt Afterglow Illuminating Serum gives you an expensive looking shimmer. What I mean by that is that glitter, especially the type that isn't super fine, can look rather cheap and tacky! This serum is subtle yet glamorous and shows off your tan, whether it be real or faux.

Speaking of shimmer! I've tried just about every highlighter on the market. For me it's something I use daily on the top of my cheekbones and there are a lot of great options out there. But in Summer I like to up the ante and use a more noticeable highlighter for a maximum glow. Too Faced Canary Diamond Highlighter is a very bold statement of golden mega watt sparkle - so use it sparingly. A simple light dusting will do. You'll find your mood lifted by this little touch of luxury.

Instead of heavy lipsticks I switch my lip care to lighter formulas in the heat. NARS Afterglow Lip Balm (in my preferred shade of "Turbo", a punchy red) is a lightweight wash of colour. My favourite blogger, Lorna Luxe, touts this product often so I tried it for myself and loved it! Over the top I sometimes add a slick of glittery lip gloss like Kiko Milano's 3D Hydra Lipgloss in shade #18: Golden Sparkle. Adding this gloss takes the lip balm to a fancier level. Perfect for an evening out sipping chilled Rosé at sunset!

For evenings out you'll also want to smell your best, so if you're looking for the smell of Summer in a bottle look no further than legendary fashion designer and eternally dapper gentleman: Tom Ford. While his fragrances do come with a hefty price tag they are beyond worth it. Eau de Soleil Blanc conjures up memories of sun soaked vacations abroad. It is the most gorgeous scent you can buy to celebrate the season.

Another "designer" beauty buy is from makeup artist to the stars (and all around boss babe) Bobbi Brown. Her "Beach" fragrance is to die for. I break out this bottle of lotion every year and for me it signifies that Summer has truly arrived. It's so popular in fact it's sold out everywhere online, but keep checking back!

A few more essentials to stock at home (or in your beach bag) include Sephora's Au Soleil Beach Vibes body wash, Hydra Mist Instant Cooling spray (so refreshing!), Batiste "Tropical" scented Dry Shampoo and Beach Powder which effortlessly removes sand from the skin. This is a crucial product for "indoor gals" like me to enjoy being at a beach. I've always hated how messy a beach trip can be. Beach Powder was given to me as a gift at a fashion show and it's one of those ingenious products you wished you'd discovered years ago!

Finally, consider a few new skincare products that are better suited to hot temperatures. Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence is what I've switched to as a daily moisturiser. My winter skincare faves now feel way too heavy on my pores! This gem of a moisturiser is ridiculously refreshing and is the perfect light consistency. It quenches your skins thirst but feels like you're wearing next to nothing! It melts into the skin and provides a smooth canvas to apply makeup. And when you need even more hydration, try my absolute favourite overnight masque: Image Skincare: Vital C. Brush a thin layer onto skin before bed and wake up to healthy, hydrated skin. You'll love the luscious citrus scent too!

Now that you have all the tools to tackle Summer as your most beautiful, sun kissed self - go forth and enjoy the season! The sunshine won't last forever. Make the most of it!

(*Special thanks to amazing local photographer @SnappedByStephanie for the photos!)

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