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Forever Gorgeous Beauty

Greetings, beauty buffs! I’m pleased to introduce you to a fabulous salon in Wolverton called “Forever Gorgeous Beauty”. The company came highly recommended by my friend Candace who is also American AND a blogger like me (follow @MyAmericanLifeInTheUK) and she had nothing but positive experiences to share.

I did a bit of research online and followed their account. One day they posted about a beauty trend I’d been meaning to try for ages: magnetic lashes! After a quick convo with Charlotte she graciously agreed to gift me with two beautiful pairs of lashes so that I could try them for myself and share my thoughts with our Luxe3C readers.

Now my history with lashes isn’t the best one. I’m a bit clumsy with regular lash glue and find applying lashes to be pretty difficult! I’d heard of magnetic lashes and thought this was perfect for my unsteady hand and amateur attempts!

As seen in the photos, the lashes from “Forever Gorgeous” are ultra glam…right down to the packaging! I was told there are more natural looking styles but to no ones surprise I opted for the fullest versions. I appreciated that Charlotte included an easy to follow guide with instructions on how to successfully use the product. When it comes to the eyeliner, do pay attention to the allergy test. I write this because I recently had a severe allergic reaction to beauty products! You never can be too careful.

I’m used to applying liquid liner so the first step was easy. Popping the lashes along this line was super simple as well! Literally no guess work. The lashes adhere to the magnetic liner for a snug fit, close to the lash line. I was beyond thrilled with the glamorous results. They look fun and flirty! Perfect for a night out with the girls or for any ordinary day you want to feel a bit sexier.

The best part about the lashes is they’re reusable! In these

mad times it’s a concern for all of us to be thrifty with our purchases. One off products are simply not in our repertoire anymore. These lashes will give you a beauty boost of confidence in just a few easy steps.

With a second Lockdown upon us I'm so happy to report that "Forever Gorgeous Beauty" is offering online orders of these amazing lashes OR you can arrange collection dates . Visit their website HERE for more info and follow @ForeverGorgeousBeauty on Instagram! ❤️

**PS! For a bonus video review of this product check out my Instagram page: @OfficialSoCalVal

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