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Period Pain?

Period pain is no joke. While 80% of us may suffer from it, 5% to 10% experience pain that is severe enough to disrupt their life - along with a huge number of women that also experience premenstrual symptoms, such as bloating, tender breasts, swollen stomach, lack of concentration, mood swings, clumsiness and tiredness.

There are a number of well-known solutions to help ease the pain or discomfort, including

  • Using a hot water bottle to provide some gentle heat to your stomach area.

  • Have a back and stomach massage - some women say this works really well for them.

  • Wearing loose fitting clothing in the couple of days prior to and during your period.

  • Doing some gentle exercise such as yoga. A regular relaxation programme before the period is due and on the first few days helps to relax the muscles and improves blood supply to the pelvic area.

However we wanted to know if there was anything else that could help - and were pleased to discover Our Remedy - an ethical CBD oil designed to give you an natural solution to tackling period pain.

This is the first brand in the UK to combine CBD with two powerful essential oils used within the female natural health world; peppermint and clary sage.

Known for their natural healing power when it comes to soothing cramps, hormonal imbalances, digestive discomfort and mood swings, this pro-period formulation is far from just your average ingestible CBD oil.

This unique wellness elixir was created by Rachel, a female entrepreneur who suffered with debilitating period related symptoms throughout her twenties before seeking a natural solution and discovering CBD. She combined her daily dose with peppermint and clary sage, before bottling up her remedy.

Many women found that their painful cramping were not only been soothed, but they slept better, felt more balanced (and less overcome by mood swings and PMS) and more focused.

What we particular love about this brand is that Our Remedy donates sanitary products to Bloody Good Period, the UK’s leading period poverty charity, for each bottle sold. Along with this donation, it is cruelty-free, vegan and 100% natural, with eco-friendly and sustainable packaging - oil is packaged in glass bottles, using recycled boxes which have been printed using eco-friendly soy inks.

You also have the option to upgrade when at the checkout (for £5 extra) and add in their pamper box! The box includes eco-friendly organic menstrual products, natural soap and vegan chocolate.

Our Remedy Gift Box

If you're seeking a product, designed and made ethically in the UK, to help handle your period pain, head to their website for more information!


About Our Remedy

Made in the UK, Our Remedy is an ethical CBD brand for women. Their goal is to help you with the effects associated with your period, in a natural way. Each bottle contains 5% broad-spectrum CBD, as well as grape seed oil and two key essential oils renowned for their soothing properties; peppermint and clary sage. The addition of peppermint oil means there is no hemp oil/earthy taste.

Prices start at £26.99 and available direct via


"I love the taste. I usually spend 10 days leading up to my period in tears, almost bed bound. What a difference! Although I was aware of the changes in my body - I didn't have the hormonal related breakdown I usually do. I will continue to use and have recommended to friends."

"I love everything about this product! The fact it’s run by women, the plastic free refills, donations to Period Poverty Charity and that it actually works! I’ve been taking it for over a month now and I have noticed that my mood has been better overall and it has definitely helped to relieve anxiety. I was also suffering with severe pain in my foot which has now gone since taking this product. I definitely recommend."

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