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Dressing up a black blazer: My Style, My Way

The black blazer is often considered a wardrobe staple. Dressed up or down it's a hard working item that you will wear again and again. But just because it's a staple piece it doesn't have to be boring. We asked our Editor Val for her styling tips when it comes to this wardrobe favourite:

If you're anything like me you are missing the chance, or excuse, to get dressed up. I don't mean the sort of "I put on my good t-shirt today" dressed up, I mean "I feel head to toe glam" dressed up! Luckily the launch of Luxe3C provided me with the perfect opportunity to get back to my fashion forward roots. My fellow editors Amanda, Isabel and I did a special photoshoot with RoxPixPhotography to debut our digital magazine and start featuring our favourite local brands and businesses with you.

In discussing the theme of the shoot we wanted to stay true to each of our personal styles. But a black blazer was the mandatory piece we agreed on to have a bit of cohesion in the photos. I immediately selected an old fave of mine, a black H&M tuxedo style blazer with dramatic trumpet sleeves. As the blazer buttons at the front to cinch in the waist I paired it with a more voluminous bottom to create a pleasing silhouette.

Let me pause to say that silhouette is probably the most important thing I consider when creating outfits. Proportion is key! If I'm wearing a huge diaphanous ballroom skirt for example, I'd want the top to be more form fitting. And conversely if the top or jacket I've chosen to wear is oversized I'll purposely pair it with a more streamlined skirt or trousers - but ask anyone I know and they'll tell you it's maybe twice a year that they'll spot me in trousers! Trousers really aren't my thing. Whether they flatter my shape or not I personally don't feel like myself in them. Listening to your intrinsic style is also paramount in understanding what works for you, sartorially speaking.

Now back to the outfit at hand! This tiered white tutu was a random purchase in Madrid last year and is so versatile! Envision it with a slogan tee and a leather jacket for a more casual look, or pulled up high and belted at the waist to transform the skirt into a flirty strapless dress. I'll admit that I own around 10 to 12 tutu style skirts like this one that I mix and match quite often. Next time you see one while shopping (socially distanced, mind you!) give it a try and you may be surprised at how a skirt you can twirl in really brightens your mood!

For accessories I was dying to wear this black and white (faux) pearl necklace I purchased from eBay for around £27. I live for a statement necklace. I think they're the perfect way to frame your face and convey a message that says "I don't have time for dainty, frivolous jewellery. I demand BIG, BOLD jewellery to match my personality!"

In case you're wondering, yes jewellery really does speak to me like that. I've been advised therapy many, many times.

I hope you've enjoyed my breakdown of the anatomy of an outfit as much as I enjoyed posing in it. Don't wait until lockdown is fully lifted before getting dolled up as we did here to introduce you to #Luxe3C.



Valerie “SoCalVal” Wyndham is an American TV presenter and influencer with a background in modelling and announcing for pro wrestling.

With a career that involves international travel she now calls Milton Keynes home.

In addition to sharing her fashion, beauty and travel influencing to a loyal fanbase via her website and social media accounts, she is one of the hosts of a weekly video series: “Grown Ass Women” TV which focuses on female empowerment. 

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