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Finding your inner shine

Body confidence. It's a topic we've talked about at Luxe3C many times - and one we know many women struggle with. We asked blogger, Liz Alexander, who writes about motherhood and female empowerment, how she found her inner confidence and learned to love the shape she is:

Liz Alexander

When was the last time you looked at yourself and felt that burning fire inside? You know the one I mean? The kind of passionate desire you have for your partner or the love you have for a friend or relative. Is that a hard question?

Is self-love or inner confidence something you struggle with? If it is, you are not alone. Finding love for you and your body can be a challenge and having it does not mean that you are ‘big headed’. It means that you have appreciation for yourself. You can see that you are important and are indeed beautiful. I think one major factor getting in people’s way is their weight. Many people cannot see past their weight and this can stop so many from finding that inner happiness. But weight does not define you! And yes, if you want to lose a few pounds, go for it. It’s good to be healthy but even if you were 10 pounds lighter, I can guarantee that your focus will turn to something else you are unhappy with. We are so critical of our own natural beauty.

Stand back and look at yourself in the mirror. Look at your chest and think if your heart pumping inside, blood moving, oxygen flowing, stomach digesting – keeping you alive. How amazing is that! Your body works so hard for you, but your mind is not working alongside it. That is all this is. It's in your thoughts.

I am happy enough to say that I love my body, but it took some time to get here. For many of us, myself included, major life changing things sometimes must happen for our minds to register how amazing our body is. Once they start working together great things happen. You realise that you are just as important as any other human on this planet, that you don’t have to settle for anything less and actually you can wear the dress that you love and you will rock it.

Tips and Ideas

I want to share with you some steps I took, that helped me on my journey:

1. I learned how to put myself first. Not in a rude way but learning how to say ‘no’ kindly. Knowing that I needed time for myself to relax and reflect. I had to stop trying to please others.

2. I learnt how to talk to myself in the mirror. Usually when I would just be out of the shower, make up free, and tell myself that I was loved.

3. I discovered positive meditation - sometimes, finding love can come through meditation, relaxing your thoughts, and letting your body connect to your mind.

4. If you enjoy reading, have a look at ‘You are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero. This is a great read and one that can help change your way of thinking to gain body and inner confidence. That is something you want to achieve.

Finally - don't compare yourself to others. Everyone has a different path. Take hold of yours and go for it.


Liz Alexander, also known as The Mummy Editorial, is a mum of two girls living in Bucks. She is passionate about empowering women as believes it's something that can be overlooked. She blogs about this, alongside motherhood and lifestyle.

Follow her on Instagram @themummyeditorial

Read her blog at

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