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Trend Alert - Pampas Grass!

If you're a social media fan, you can't have failed to notice the presence of pampas grass appearing in Instagram and Pinterest shots. We asked local florist, Aimee Harding, of Harding & Bloom how to find and style these beautiful ornamental grasses:

From home décor to bridal bouquets, it seems we all want in on the pampas grass resurgence. And who wouldn’t? The striking & versatile feather-like plumes can be styled a number of ways and are now available in a rainbow of colours. This really is a trend that looks set to stay, so here are my top tips for the perfect Pampas:

1. Picking your Pampas

With pampas popularity on the rise, I would suggest you contact a florist who has worked with these ornamental grasses before, as they will have experience in sourcing the highest quality at the most affordable price on your behalf. They may even suggest the perfect variety, length and colour for your home or event.

2. Tender loving care

After transit, the pampas may appear thinner than you were expecting, so you’ll need to fluff them up! The easiest way to do this is to give them a good shake outside (definitely outside!) as this will allow the excess plume to drop in the breeze rather than your home! If you’re looking for a really full, luxurious look, then you can gently warm them up with a hairdryer on a low speed and low heat. Pampas loves a blow-dry just as much as we do!

3. Creating your showstopper

Pampas rocks the “less is more” look and will proudly adorn a variety of vases. I prefer a narrow neck vase to keep the stems closer together rather than sprawling out in all directions. Finding a vase can be tricky, but remember, your florist will have access to a vast array of designs that you won’t find elsewhere, so ask them to help if you’re unsure.

4. Channelling your inner florist

If you’re a nervous first time flower arranger, then practising with dried is a great way to start as you can have a go at styling without worrying about the stems being out of water for too long. Please don’t put your pampas in water, they will go mouldy! You may want to trim your stems down so they sit perfectly in the vase, just take care to cut sparingly, you can always take more off if needed but you can’t add any length back on!

5. Finishing touches

Once you’re happy with your design, you can set it in place with hairspray – this will help it to stay full and fluffy and most importantly stop it shedding. Every so often you can take your pampas back outside to shake off any dust that may have accumulated and reset with hairspray.

If you follow these simple steps and keep them away from moisture and strong gusts of wind, then your pampas will last at least a year, maybe longer!


Harding & Bloom is an independent floral studio, owned by Aimee Harding, based in Milton Keynes. Their aim is to make beautiful blooms accessible to everyone and encourage you to choose bespoke arrangements that are personal to you and your occasion.

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