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Picture Perfect - top tips from a photographer

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Struggling to get the right imagery for your business or social media account? We asked Roxanne Bergman of, Rox Pic Photography for her top tips to ensure you are picture perfect every time.

Everyone knows that when you own your own business you basically have to stay on top of well…everything and photography is a huge part of that, so with that in mind I’ve come up with some helpful hints and tips to make taking photos for your brand that much easier!

1. When taking a selfie avoid harsh light! This one is really important. It can be really tempting to take photos out in the open in a lovely outdoors space and I’m all for outdoor photography but if it’s too bright the sunshine will cause really unflattering shadows and potentially age you by about a million years, this is not what we enjoy. My tips is to take your photos in the shade, preferably under a tree where the light is still lovely and bright but also has a beautiful defuse quality to it. You’ll avoid the harsh shadows but still keep the light and bright look you’re going for.

2. When taking a selfie indoors always remember to use window light to your advantage and what I mean by this is pose so that the light from the window hits your face. The last thing you want is to stand with your back to the window and make you look like you’ve got a severe case of “halo head” going on, it’s so not the look you’re going for and you’d be surprised by how much I still see people doing it.

3. When it comes to both photos of yourself and also detail images for your brand of perhaps your products or items make sure that time is on your side. The last thing you want is to be trying to get lovely photos of your products etc late in the day when all the good light is gone and your house is looking all dreary cause you’re too excited to wait til tomorrow! Trust me we’ve all been there. It’s always better to use late morning or early afternoon light for these shots.

4. Along the same lines, when you’re doing your detail images be sure to pick a nice, bright and airy space to shoot these images, preferably with no distracting bits and pieces in the background. Try to shoot standing off centre so you don’t block the light or cast harsh shadows on what you’re photographing.

5. Don’t forget the importance of consistency. This may be one of the most important tips ever and it’s something we often see ignored. It can be really easy to see a lovely photo of yourself and want to get it onto social media as soon as humanly possible but if you’re working with a certain look, style or aesthetic then not every photo is going to work on your grid. If you absolutely have to post that pic then consider using your stories to show it off rather than messing with the carefully curated feed.

6. Finally….drum roll please… learn to edit yourself! It can be so tempting to upload every good photo you take of yourself all in one go, or to post tonnes of the same sort of image back to back but while followers won’t necessarily be able to tell you exactly what it is that they don’t like about this they’ll definitely be able to tell them that they detach from it and by extension you. It’s important to break up your feed with a little various in terms of poses or you’ll be in danger of looking like the world’s most boring flip book!

And there you have it, my best tip for getting the best selfies and detail images for your brand.


About Rox Pic Photography

Roxanne is based in Wolverton, Milton Keynes. Whether you're looking for new and unique head shots and branding imagery for your business or you want to capture some family memories, Rox Pics Photography has got you covered!

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